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— Deadline change for Birthday Project


I’ve changed the deadline for Georgie’s Birthday Project!

Send in your submissions before June 17, that gives you 12 extra days :) You can find all the information you need here.

— New Blog!

For unknown reasons, this tumblr blog won’t let me post pictures any more. I can’t reblog them and I can’t post them myself. So I have created a new blog that took care of that.

That blog will be the only one I post on in the future so I suggest that you go follow that one instead. Here’s the link to the new blog http://georgielife.tumblr.com/

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“I really don’t want to grow up. I just, love being a baby!”

 - Georgie Henley | When puberty strikes!


My submission for Georgie Henley Life’s Birthday Project.


My submission for Georgie Henley Life’s Birthday Project.


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— this is ridiculous..


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Only one of these go released, but it’s edited and not the best quality and it has been cropped a little…

Anonymous asked : Do you know if Georgie has plans for coming to the USA? I want to meet her sooooooo bad!!!!!!!!

I don’t know actually. But since her new film is premiering this year, she might promote it in the US. 

But I don’t know how big the chances are since it’s an Indie film.

Anonymous asked : Do you know Georgie Henley personally? If you do, you're so lucky!!!!!!!!!

No, I do not know Georgie personally. I just run a fan site.

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— Deadline set for Birthday Project

So I have set the deadline for when I need everything for Georgie’s birthday project. So make sure that you have everything you want to send in before June 5th.

I’ve already received some letters and I’m about to fix all the material I need for the scrapbook. As I said: you have until June 5th to send your things in, but please don’t just wait to the last minute, if you’re done with your things just send them in. If you want to add something you can just send those in later.

Send your things to: georgiehenleylife@yahoo.se (make sure it’s spelled like that)